How K9-Rx Benefits You and Your Dog

K9-Rx changes all the rules! Regardless of food choice, K9-Rx can make a dramatic difference in your dog’s appearance, performance and behavior. Such is the sad state of the American canine’s diet, that we routinely see significant improvements in seven days or less simply by supplementing with K9-Rx!

Now you and your dog can enjoy three major benefits unavailable from pet food alone:


  1. Supplementing with K9-Rx for Uncompromising Nutrition and Peak Performance
    Amidst all the confusion is K9-Rx, the only way to ensure a daily delivery of the highest quality protein, amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may be deficient from, or could enhance your pet’s diet.Forget the fillers, rendered by-products, artificial flavors, and chemical sweeteners and preservatives. K9-Rx is loaded with nutrients not found in typical dog food, including support for: Muscular strength, energy, bones, teeth, mood, eyesight, joints, skin, coat, immunity and overall health.
  2. Supplementing with K9-Rx for Improved Diet Control
    Years ago, feeding your pet was more about survival then anything else. Now it’s a chance to give your companion the opportunity to enjoy full and productive years. Simply providing the lowest cost food day after day falls far short of what you could accomplish by supplementing your dog’s diet with the healthy, life sustaining nutrition of K9-Rx. For the first time ever, you do not have to rely exclusively on store-bought, processed food. K9-Rx gives you unprecedented control over the health of your most trusted friend.
  3. Supplementing with K9-Rx for Maximum Flexibility in Food Choices
    Supplementing your dog’s current source of nutrition, not changing it, is the best and easiest way to make a lasting improvement in his or her life. K9-Rx is not a participant in the pet food battle, but a source of support for all. As a protein-rich, nutrient dense supplement that can be added to any brand, any meal, K9-Rx gives you the flexibility to enhance whatever food you prefer. It also rewards your dog with a delicious taste treat that proves how much you love and care.