Feeding Guidelines


K9-Rx recommends 1 serving per day for optimum results. Follow the chart below:

Weight of Dog (Lbs)

Serving Size – (19g Scoop – Included)

0 – 10 lbs 1/2 Level Scoop /or 1.5 tbsp – 9.5g
10 – 30 lbs 1 Level Scoop / or 3 tbsp – 19g
30 – 90 lbs 2 Level Scoops / or 6 tbsp – 38g
90 lbs + 3 Level Scoops / or 9 tbsp – 57g


Serving Directions:

K9-Rx is designed to supplement your dog’s existing diet with the highest quality digestible Protein, Vitamins and Nutrients.

  • Find the appropriate amount of K9-Rx, according to the weight of your dog, in the above chart.
  • Sprinkle the K9-Rx over Bowsers’ food
  • Pour some water into the bowl, stir and serve

*Use a very small amount of water when first introducing K9-Rx into your dogs diet.

*Check “Feeding Ideas” for more ways to mix K9-Rx


Please note:

    • Allow a 1-4 day adjustment period when introducing new nutrition into your dogs diet
    • K9-Rx is excellent for all dog life stages, puppy, adult and senior
    • Always keep fresh water available
    • See your veterinarian regularly
                        *This product is intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only