A. Because proper nutrition plays an important role in the health and longevity of every family member, including your pet companion.

A. Yes. K9-Rx is most often used to supplement regular dog food in order to provide additional high quality protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals, and important nutrients like creatine, glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, lutein, L-carnitine and taurine.

A. It is possible, although cheese flavored nutritional supplements are not very popular with humans! Remember, unlike traditional dog food, K9-Rx is food-grade, not feed-grade.

A. Don’t confuse “premium” with “complete.” While price does serve as a general indicator of quality, super premium is made primarily the same way as regular dog food. Premium is better then regular, inexpensive foods, but still lacks the comprehensive nutritional profile, control and flexibility advantages afforded by K9-Rx.

A. Not all protein is the same. While traditional dog foods contain protein, it is generally of inferior quality, and difficult for your pet to digest and absorb. Therefore it takes a smaller amount of the high quality protein in K9-Rx to make a significant difference. Protein intake varies greatly between dog breeds and sizes, so it important to follow the feeding instructions provided.

A. Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet. Allergies are often caused by beef protein. K9-Rx is based on milk protein, and many dogs with skin and other types of allergies have had great success.

A. The term crude is a catch all phrase which means anything left on the slaughterhouse floor – or worse! With crude ingredients you never really know what is in your dogs food.

A. “Feed-grade” is a term that designates food that is unfit for human consumption. The vast majority of traditional dog foods fit into this category. Using more expensive, superior quality ingredients, K9-Rx has earned the food-grade classification, which means it is fit for human consumption.

A. K9-Rx is a complete and nutrient dense supplement to regular food. Add it to any meal. Make sure you follow the Feeding Guidelines provided.

A. In the appropriate serving, K9-Rx is a terrific way to help start your puppy on a long and healthy life.

A. Your dog may be as healthy as he or she can be, given the food you currently serve. As we have seen, traditional dog foods often lack high quality protein, and are void of certain important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that canines have thrived on over the centuries. Make sure your dog gets the nutrition it needs and may currently be missing out on, with K9-Rx.

A. Yes. In most cases it will help keep your dog strong and healthy. As always, if your dog has a specific health problem we recommend you check with your vet before supplementing with K9-Rx.