About Us

After over 25 years experience in the human nutrition industry it was easy to make the link between why our dogs seem to be ending up in the veterinarians office every other month and what they are eating. All you have to do is look at the history of the pet food industry. You’ll find that profit is the main focus and not nutritional integrity – Watch the video! It was this realization that motivated me search for a better solution. I contacted one of the nutrition Industry’s leading metabolic physiologists and together we applied what worked for humans and applied it to dogs. The result is K9-Rx, an amazing product that will change the way your dog looks, feels and acts. Guaranteed!

K9-Rx is the highest quality, most innovative and complete nutrition packed food you can feed your dog. It is the product of years of research into human and canine physiology, together with a close scrutiny of the pet food industry. We looked at how food choices benefit you and your pet, and more importantly, how critical needs are not being met. Along the way we discovered the difference between giving our dogs an ordinary life, vs. the opportunity for a long, incredible life experience. As you will see, we took a giant step ahead by taking a small step back.

On behalf of K9-Rx and all the brilliant minds that helped create K9-Rx, we applaud your purchase and wish you and your treasured companion good health.