The Link Between Health & Nutrition

If your canine companion could suddenly speak, what do you think are some of the things you might hear? Of course you expect us to say that every dog would ask for K9-Rx, but in fact that’s the last thing they would do. Surprised?
Don’t be. Dogs don’t know fact from fiction when it comes to brand names. A Rolls-Royce versus a 1978 Dodge Dart… they’re both just a chance to feel the rushing wind, and inhale a tapestry of new and different smells. Designer accessories… A collar is a collar, isn’t it? And what about premium dog food? Premium-shremium…. Just make it taste good and serve it on time!

So what exactly are some of the valuable things your furry friend could tell you? How he or she feels, of course! Too bad most of us have little clue as to how our dog companions are really doing from day to day. Sure we look for signs: a wet nose, lagging appetite, lethargy, irregularity, itching… but that’s as scientific as we get. Imagine where our society would be if a wet nose was a major indicator of human health!

Good Health Depends On Proper Nutrition –

Nutrition has a direct effect on a dog’s health. In fact, much more so then exercise. For example, did you know that an overweight dog will experience much better weight loss results from eating less food, then from exercising more? Differing sharply from human physiology, where increased exercise can address the problem of obesity all by itself, canine health is substantially more dependent on nutrition. When it comes to feeding our canine friends, nutrition is king. Why then, do we pay so little attention to it?

From the Stone Age to the Space Age –

The notion that one pet food can provide all the nutrition your companion animal will ever need over the course of its entire life is an absolute myth.
The key to nourishing your dog in the present can be found in understanding how dogs have eaten in the past. In general, canine ancestors evolved on a diet of unprocessed meats and whole grains. They thrived on high protein foods rich in healthy fats and a wide spectrum of nutrients. Often scavengers, dogs controlled what they ate and when, enjoying a variety of food choices.
In stark contrast, most of today’s commercial pet food is made from high carbohydrate cereal grains, not protein. The switch from quality protein to processed carbohydrates is a complete about-face. It’s no wonder veterinary clinics deal with so many cases of frequent illness, bowel disease, digestive problems and more.

It is now possible to feed your dog the healthier diet of the past, hassle free. Applying space-age technology to what has been proven throughout history to work best, K9-Rx bridges the gap between nutrition and peak health.