We have already seen how the micro and macro nutrients in K9-Rx have been formulated specifically for canine metabolism. At the same time, K9-Rx is manufactured to strict Human nutrition standards. That means all of the ingredients in each and every serving of K9-Rx are fit for human consumption. Why is that important?

If you have heard anything at all about the dog food industry then you are already aware of the questionable quality of many ingredients used. In fact, most dog foods are not fit for human consumption, yet we feed them to our companions and best friends. Yes, using top quality ingredients costs us more. But we go the extra step in order to guarantee that K9-Rx is the best, freshest and healthiest food available.

As you know, understanding the nutrition information on any regular dog food label can be confusing at best. That’s why we have developed a Human Nutrition Equivalent panel – to help you understand and let you know exactly what is in our product. K9-Rx is the only canine nutrition company in America that features such a panel. The more you know about us, the more you won’t want to feed your pet anything else.

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