"Hear is our Beautiful Dog Rex Kressler. Rex is a German Shepherd Rex will be turning 11 years old on December 6, 2007 We thank God every day that he is with us! K9-Rx is helping us keep Rex in Shape. I know it is helping him stay with us.

The Kressler Family
"Now, over the years, I have developed some skin problems, so my Dad checked out some different ways for me to overcome my situation. He came upon your K9Rx Supplement, as you can see from the photo, it goes with me almost everywhere. Boy, am I happy for that. This stuff no only tastes great, but it has really helped me with my skin problems, and it makes me feel great all over at my age."

- Nikken,
AKA. Neeks
and my Dad,
Rick Radocy

Here are Ladybug, Charlie Jr. and Sweety eating their K9-Rx! Ladybug is 12, Charly Jr. 7 and Sweety is 2. I know feeding them K9-Rx will help them live long healthy lives!

- Kathy Evans Kermit, TX

"Joes-ippi is my best friend & son! We walk and run around the Old Sierra Building everyday and K9-Rx keeps him going! Thanks K9-Rx

- Michael Beneke Fresno, CA

"just want to Thank You for making a product that is in the best interest of the dog. It not only gives me a sence of pride to have healthy animals, but to have people stop me and ask what I do to keep them looking so good and healthy. My response every time is K9-RX."

- Sal Filippone Alpine CA
I just wanted to tell you that your product is outstanding. I have a pit bull and he is 1 year 9 months old. He loves the taste and can't get enough of K9-Rx. Since I put him on K9-Rx supplement his coat has become very shiny. With the extra protein provided in your supplement he has gotten great muscle definition. I am very satisfied. Thank You K9-Rx!

Maurice Katz
Coral Springs, FL

"When Otto was a mere 2 1/2 years old, he started having difficulty just getting up after sitting. Our Veterinarian suggested we get x-rays and find out if he had "frozen hips" or if he had a spinal issue. We saw your infocommercial on TV and after great skeptism, I ordered your K9Rx formula. Otto is 4 years old, acts like a puppy all over again and you don't see any signs of "frozen joints" at all. Thanks to K9RX, Otto is a very healthy and happy boy. His coat is even shinier. Thank you for your product!

Debra Rudzik Albany, Oregon

"We live on a hill on a small cherry farm. Our dogs use to explore the entire property until Sarah got so stiff she could hardly walk. Josh is blind and used to follow her on their explorations. Now they wake me at 8am every morning for their K9-Rx! They are 8 and 9 years old and acting young again."

Thank you K9!

Joyce Serschen, Traverse City MI

Like most Golden Retrievers Cheyenne and Mollie Sunshine have allergies and every trip to the beach left them itching and scratching."

After 2 weeks on K9-Rx There was market improvement and thanks to K9-Rx after only one month they are now comfortable, have beautiful soft coats and can enjoy their daily swim. Thank you K9-Rx!"

Wallace Olson - Williamsburg, MI
I have a 3 legged rescue dog right now, and when I took him to an adoption day at a local department store and the rescue workers saw him, then stated he looked like he buffed up. I then told them of how I use K9-Rx everynight at dinner for all my dogs and it does the trick. I recommend it to everyone I know, so hopefully you have some new customers. All my dogs are doing
great on it. Thanks.

Lynn Rice-Miller - Newark, DE
Here is a picture of Buckwheat (age 9 1/2) K9-Rx has greatly improved her mobility when rising from a lying position. Her stiffness is now basically non-existent. A side benefit is her reduced shedding. Now, there is no more daily undercoat hair to clean up!

Jeanine Salinas - Hanford, CA
Ted used to have fleas and get terrible hot spots. He was constantly scratching and continually pulled out his hair. For years we spent big $$ at the Vet trying to control these problems with little or no result. Since giving him K9-Rx - which he loves - no more fleas, no more hot spots and no more pulling out his hair! His coat is now silky smooth and he's back to his lazy lummox self! K9-Rx is amazing!

- R.A., Westminster CA

Dear K9-Rx,

Here is a picture of our wonderful dogs Caddy, the German Shepherd and Shaq the Rotweiller. They both absolutely LOVE K9-Rx!!

Jan & Kevin Pennyweight
Mesa, AZ
“Our 10 year old Keena loved going for hikes and climbing up on rocks until about a year ago and she just lost her "pep." I saw the ad for K9 Rx and was excited for her to try it. It took about 2 weeks for us to see the difference in her step. She is more agile and is able to hike for five miles or more with us and Keena loves the flavor it gives her food. Thanks for giving us our hiking partner back.

Barbara Czapla
Salt Lake City, UT
"My dog Beauregard is so gorgeous. But he was gaining weight as my husband and he would get up at 5 AM and walk. He is on Pro-Plan low calorie but I have had him on K9-rx for about 3 months and he is more gorgeous than ever. His coat is so beautiful! When I take him to the Vet They all remark about him. I add it to his food and give him the recommended amount of k9-rx. He was 110 which is terrible even though his sire was large. I almost have him down to 100, which would make our vet happy. He had 2 operations on his rear legs. I feel its product id helping him with the eventual arthritis. I have told my daughter who has 2 Labs about this also"

Cat Brookhart
Lutherville, MD
Bandit, a 12yr old blue tic hound, developed sore joints and arthritis. Within a month after putting her on K9-RX, she started improving. Bandit Just loves her K9-RX mixed with her dog food.

Gale Dusten,
Mancelona, Mich.
"Whisker" Hansen, an 11-1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came to our household about a year and a half ago from another family member. At the time she was undernourished and had a bald spot on her back and her fur was in poor condition. A couple of months after having her, we met Angie, an owner of 4 Cavaliers and a K9 user. To our delight, after about a month and a half of using K9RX powder, her bald spot disappeared and her fur grew back in fully. Her fur is now very healthy appearing and she has only a little bit of grey around her nose.
It is our belief that the K9RX is the primary reason that her fur has brown in so well and is in such a healthy condition.
I enthusiastically recommend K9RX for your pet.

Ralph L. Hansen
"Our 14-Year old terrier mix, Kacie, has begun to creak audibly in her old age. She has arthritis and other age related maladies. About 5 months ago we heard about K9-RX from our son and daughter-in-law and decided to try it, hoping that it would make our "dog person" more comfortable. Not only does she definitely appear to be in less pain now, but some of her more youthful spunkiness has returned. She plays ball again......something we hadn't seen for quite a while! Thank you, K9-RX, for giving some spark back to Kacie!"

Wayne and Norma Patterson, Florence, OR

“Here’s our Tuddie - 16 years old!Don’t know if we would have had the past 2 years without K9Rx. We Tell all our animal lover friends aboutyou guys.”

Mary Ann & David Shaffer

I have a Golden Retriever, Abbey, who will be 9 years old in August and in the past year I noticed that she was getting stiff, and had a lot of trouble jumping up on the bed at night, or jumping up on the couch etc. I started feeding her the K9rx in Oct of last year, and she is now able to jump up on the bed, without getting "stuck"

Andrea Miller
Thanks for giving my dog Sheena her puppy hood all over again. Sheena is 7 1/2 years old and acts 2 again. I would recommend K9-Rx to anyone!

Bruce Muth
Laureldale, PA
I finally got around to taking some pictures of Sport. Here is my story. My son and I adopted sport when he was 14 years old. He had a heart murmer, which the vet said was not unusual for a dog of his age. Other than that, he was in pretty good shape. Then, when he turned 16 he began having trouble with his legs. They would buckle when he tried to walk, and he could no longer run and jump. We took him to the vet who said Sport had Arthritis. He gave us some anti-inflammatory pills to give him, but we knew this was only a temporary fix. We were afraid we would have to put down poor sport. This is when I heard about K9-Rx, and I decided to give it a try. Sport showed almost immediate improvement in his legs. Now, he not only walks without buckling, but he also runs around and jumps better than he did before. Thank God for K9-Rx

Elly Mastro
Los Angeles, CA
My friend Duchess, a 13 year old Lhasa Apso has been with me her whole life. About a year aga she started slowing down, and last July she could no longer get up the stairs to go to bed with me. I heard a radio broadcast about K9-Rx for dogs and thought I would research it. I started giving Duchess the powder in her morning meal and after 3 to 4 weeks I couldn't believe the change in her. She was once again jumping on the chair to relax, running and playing with Sir Winston, and actuall running up the stairs.Thank you for this product and may it be around for a long, long time

Patricia E. King
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Cody's left eye began to droop, and the pink inner eyelid was closing "up" from the bottom, making it difficult for him to see around it! The vet said that in older Cockers, the nerves in their face begin to die, and that's what happens. The vet had no medicinal remedy. I asked if there were any supplements that might help, and he recommended antioxidants. I knew just where to get them! Cody has been on K9-RX for 2 months, and his eye is completely normal again! He looks like a 5 year old! He's constantly playing and "growling" for his tennis ball like he used to. He LOVES the K9-RX red tennis ball. He can really see that! Thank you so much!!

Pat Rotisky
Canyon Country, CA